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About FFF Therapy

Non-Painful Healing Massage

START LIVING LIFE AGAIN!  FFF Therapy is a non-invasive approach to massage which specializes in stress recovery for trauma ranging from physical, mental, and toxin injury.


Over 13,000 individuals have experienced bodywork performed by Bethany G.  Click below to contact and schedule an individual massage session.  

CE Training

We also offer FFF Therapy training for massage therapist continuing education.


What To Expect

Your Well-Being Matters Most

Ask for a free consultation to discuss your concerns, needs, and goals.  We will address those topics and offer resolutions and/or referrals to get you moving in the right direction whether it is with us or not!

In The Moment

Each session is tailored to your specific needs that day. Example: another session 6 months from now will likely be completely different due to your body's changing needs.

Non-Painful Massage

There is no room for the idea "no pain-no gain."  While requested massage pressure that "hurts so good" is okay, working past that pressure can cause tissue injury you did not come into session with.  FFF Therapy massage works with the tissue, so deeper pressure can be great! -as long as the muscle tissue does not flex and kick out under therapist's pressure.

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